Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Newbie Preview - Big Brother is Infected with Willie Hantz - #BB14

Yes, one of the infamous Hantz family has infected the Big Brother 14 house.  This guy is Willie Hantz, although Missyae says he is going to use another name inside the house.

[I wonder if he has tattoos that say 'Hantz' like his brother or cousin or step-half-cousin Brandon Hantz has?]

The new Big Brother commercial I posted (you can see it  here)  shows a quick flash of Willie, the 'Tankerman' along with a lot of gorgeous newbies.  How did that guy get in there?

Well, he is none other than Willie Hantz, some sort of close relative to the Hantz family.  Someone found a video of him drinking a shot from some sort of sperm-shaped container.  His voice sounds just like Russell Hantz's voice, whom I think is standing just off camera.

I would be right on that if I were in the Big Brother house, but I think I would approach him privately and go gangster on him and threaten to expose him if he didn't cooperate with me.

Who am I kidding?  No way would I go in that damn house, with people like me watching their every move and blabbing about it!  No effing way!

So now Brandon Hantz (Remember him? From Survivor?) is tweeting about this situation.

Oh dear.

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