Monday, July 2, 2012

New Tidbits About the Mentor Twist #BB14

There are a few more details leaking out about the Mentor Twist, from our frequent spoiler source Missyae @TheGameSurvivor.

Mixed in among the shouting, blaming, and threats I described earlier (you can read about the Twitter War between Missyae, Evel Dick, et al here.)  were some interesting nuggets of information about the rumored twist.

It sounds like everyone is in sequester.  Basically that means that they are confined to a local hotel room, with a "minder" assigned to them to ensure they don't do anything to get disqualified.  You know, like try to call home or talk to the other prisoners house guests who are also sequestered.

I know from past house guest chatter that there is a per diem amount they can spend for room service, etc.  Usually they are given past seasons of Big Brother to watch, and also movies.  I think they can have books, too.  Some house guests get rooms with balconies, some don't.

Last year they gave the Duos the option of having separate rooms.  I heard Jordan say on the live feeds that she and Jeff got separate rooms in case they went crazy confined to one hotel room.  She didn't want to start fighting with Jeff before the season began.  But then they ended up calling each other and stayed together in the same room, after all. 

In sequester they are usually allowed to use the work out room or go to the pool at certain times, in shifts, but always with their minders.  Sometimes on the live feeds you hear them saying that they remember seeing the other house guests at the hotel.  (I heard Britney say during BB12 that she saw Annie as a blonde, before BB "asked her" to dye it brown for the show.)  The mentors are sure to be located at a separate hotel so there is no chance the newbies will see them.  Probably the Survivor cast member, too.  (I swear if it is Boston Rob I am going to DIE!!!)  (If he shows up in the house and I never post again, please alert an ambulance to come scrape me up and rescue my dog.)

It sounds like the newbies will enter the house on Saturday, followed after a short time by the Mentors. 

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