Monday, July 16, 2012

Never Too Early to Talk Trash in the HOH #BB14

Britney took the morning off and gave herself a facial, took a leisurely bath, etc.  She has been talking to Willie in the HOH about their options.  It sounds like Frank might be staying, but it is iffy because of Frank reportedly running his mouth.

[I think Chef Joe has been making up MAD LIES about what Frank has been "saying".  I have seen him run over to Willie like a little bitch to fill him in the minute he gets a chance.  If Chef Joe is indeed making this all up, kudos to him for cooking up some trouble.  Get up?  Please use comment section to let us know if this is what is happening.  Thanks.]

For example, here is Joe this morning scurrying to catch up to Willie, who was "exercising" to let him know about the latest evil workings of Frank.  You know, "allegedly".

Janelle is getting ready to work out for a little while.  Willie reminded her to "save her legs" for the Mentor's challenge, but Janelle thinks that won't happen until this weekend.  To her credit, Janelle knows that today is indeed Monday.

She has a ton of product in her hair and it is hard to put it into a ponytail.  Her hair got very thick when she was pregnant and hasn't started thinning yet.  Apparently this is supposed to happen.

These two girls  think Dan is super-dangerous and needs to go, but they don't think that anyone else thinks that way.

***They say if they could tell everyone what they know (i.e. that all Mentors can start playing for the big money at "Halftime"--see BBAD coverage here to read this) then everyone would want to get rid of Dan now.  But then they realize they can't do this, and Britney drops that this is just "their guess" about what will happen. ***

Janelle giggles that the newbies are starting to hate Mike Boogie after she has been trashing him so much.  She explained to JoJo yesterday what he did to get rid of her in BB7 and JoJo said she hated Mike now!

Willie's HOH robe is huge on tiny Britney.  She just told Janelle she is 5'1".

Oh snap.  Janelle brings up that Kara told Danielle to get in a showmance with Shane to build their numbers.  But then Brit says Shane told her yesterday that he didn't like Danielle--she's not his type.

They think the newbies will hate them when they find out about "Halftime", particularly Wil since he will feel betrayed.  They are trying to think who will play with them after that.

They both like Kara, but the reason why she would go is 100% Dan.  They want to get rid of Dan, not Kara.  Then they mention Franks many "lies".

Britney: I think we should "aim for Frank" but if Kara goes that is fine.  If Kara goes Dan will shit his pants!

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