Thursday, July 26, 2012

Morning Roundup #BB14

The house guests have been awakened, but they have not gone into the HOH room for the lockdown yet.  

Frank:  They said we'd do it in 15 minutes a half hour ago.

A voice comes over the intercom and tells them to go upstairs immediately.   They all scatter like roaches and run upstairs to grab a good spot.

Britney is waiting downstairs for the coffee to brew.  She is singing "Plenty" in all kinds of exciting ways with Wil and they are laughing.  (She can really sing, I think.)

Boogie starts talking about how he "asked for more Diet Coke.." and we get the WBRB screen.

I saw Jenn using some interesting methods to shovel food into her mouth on the quad cam, so I zoomed in for a closer look.

Turns out she is using what looks like a knife to shovel huge loads of food into her mouth.  So large, in fact, that some of the food protrudes from her lips for a few chews before she can fit it in.

At first I thought it was cereal, but after watching her work, I think it is ice cream and cookies!  Yes, the breakfast of champions!

In her defense, maybe she was rushing to finish before the HOH lockdown, but that was some very sloppy eating.  You are on TV Jenn! 

So now they are all upstairs and chatter for a few minutes.  Janelle is in the HOH bathroom primping, and Shane is talking about Mike Meany (his brother?) and they give him shout outs.

The BB theme music starts blaring, indicating that the house is full of crew doing sound and camera checks for the show tonight.  In past years, there were house guests laying all over the floor for the lockdown, but with the Coach's Room available, they are much more comfortable.

Shane:  It really is a catchy tune...

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