Friday, July 13, 2012

Morning Chatter. Wakey Wakey. #BB14

The house guests are in the kitchen trying to pull it together.  They don't have a choice---Big Brother made them get up and at this point in the season they are still cheerfully obedient.

After Ashley went into the DR, the house guests said she looks like one of the Olsen Twins.  They laugh and Mike Boogie says she really looks like Lauren Conrad.  He would know, since The Hills crew spent so much time in Les Deux, one of Boogie's Hollywood clubs.

Mike thinks JoJo looks like Annabella Scioira (sp?) and she has never heard of her.  (What???)  Mike Boogie explains how she was Tony Soprano's girlfriend and gives a very detailed description of what she did to piss Tony off, and how his crew put a stop to it.  As a Soprano's fan, I can tell you the detail was impressive.

Wil has never watched The Sopranos (What???) and was riveted to the details.  He didn't know Tony was married.

He might be this year's Cassie as far as being photogenic.  I don't think he can take a bad picture with that facial structure.  He has a horrible headache that they think is stress-related.

One of the songs BB played this morning was Michael Jackson's Don't Stop Til You Get Enough.  Frank looks rough but it kind of made him feel like dancing.  They discuss the Chris Tucker movie that plays that song.  Rush Hour, maybe?

Joe's daughter has to be on the bus to high school by 6:20 every morning and they all react to how bad that is.  Joe's voice is kind of loud but he seems to be fitting in.  I just want to point out that Mike Boogie is building a relationship with EVERYBODY and no other mentors are in sight.

Go get that money Mike Boogie.

Joe's daughter won't go into the bathroom at her high school because of all of the drugs and meth in there.  He had to pick her up at school early one day because she had to go so badly.  Joe says some of the kids even bring vodka cocktails in their lunch boxes every day.

He describes kids pulling up to the football game with their parents and pot smoke billowing out of the car. (He needs to win so he can put his kids in private school, I think.)

Janelle finally appears and hugs Wil on her way to the coffeepot.

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