Saturday, July 14, 2012

Morning Chatter #BB14

Ashley sits with the guys on the patio.  She did ask if it was okay, if she was interrupting anything.  They said no and she sat with Frank on the double chaise lounge.  They do seem to enjoy her company.  She has a quiet energy that is kind of sunny due to her voice.  (Yes I trashed Ashley pre-season, but she is actually one of the easier people to watch on the live feeds.)

Shane is in pain and stretches.  He took off that hoodie so now we can see what's doin' under there.

Joe is outside too and just weighed himself.  He has gained a little but expects to "lose about 10 once I'm on slop next week".

Joe has a doberman that likes to swim in the pool all day long.  Joe will put him on a floating raft and the dog will stay out there all day. Frank's mom had a bulldog puppy that crawled through a small hole in their fence and drowned in the pool.  His mother was devastated.  (Puppies need constant supervision.)

Frank LOVES to discuss food and is so serious when he discusses it.  He and Joe agree that Popeye's chicken is good.  Joe loves their Spicy Chicken but likes the KFC cole slaw better.  Frank loves Popeye's Dirty Rice.  Ashely wants to know what's in that Dirty Rice---it sounds interesting.

Ashley says she hopes Joe gets HOH because he asked for some spices in his HOH basket.  He's been cooking for them and they all love his food.  It has been especially nice for the Slop People since he has been doing miracles with it.

Ashley:  I picture you getting a chef hat and an apron!

Frank, joking:  I'd like to see you cookin' in there in with your boxer shorts and an apron.

They all laugh.  Shane labors to stand up and then adjusts some wrap he had around his waist.  He said earlier that if there were a competition today, he wouldn't be able to play.

Ashley dreamed she called her mother and got in trouble for it.  "You're delirious, Ashley", Joe jokes.

Boogie told Shane earlier that he couldn't get a read on Joe yet..

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