Wednesday, July 4, 2012

More Willie Hantz Contamination - #BB14

I want to move on to exciting coverage of the other newbie Big Brother 14 house guests, as well as dishing about Missyae's other new news, but I feel compelled to disgust you with a few more Willie Hantz tidbits.

I guess that is what Alison Grodner Productions had in mind, huh?  The commercial said there would be people we would love to hate.  I guess he's close enough.

Here is the header on his Twitter account.

Nice, huh?  I'm pretty sure his daddy or uncle or half-step cousin or whatever Russel is the one tweeting for him right now, because Willie is already locked in to the Big Brother house.

I certainly don't know Willie Hantz, but I don't think there is any way in hell he will be able to keep his real last name a secret in there.

Imagine that you are that hot Playmate Kara and you are looking at the other house guests.  Wouldn't you be thinking something is up with that guy?  How was he cast on the same show that I was?

That is what the cast of BB13 was thinking about Lawon Exum.  They kept thinking that he had some sort of secret big job or famous connections.  He couldn't be as big an idiot as he seemed to be, right?  Because that would mean that I.....never mind.

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  1. Of course you should know by now the Willie account on twitter is just a very close family friend operating it. I cannot believe with the styles it has not been figure out yet. Thanks for covering my spoilers this BB season, its been fun and for the most part the BB community has had their arms open to me.



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