Thursday, July 5, 2012

Missyae Gets No Credit as the Rumors Go Mainstream #BB14

At first, when the Mentor Twist rumors were exposed by Missyae @TheGameSurvivor, there was an Air of Denial coming from the CBS camp.  They tried to counter the rumors by releasing bogus info via TheCornerOffice (you can read about that misguided effort here, over here, and then wrap up your research over here).

But now, miraculously, it seems there is a general acknowledgement that the Mentor Twist reveal was not a rumor, but a spoiler, and is indeed true.

Frequent Big Brother media writer Andy Denhart from Reality Blurred has written an article that ---get this---gives Evel Dick Donato credit for confirming the rumors.  Andy Denhart's "source" is a rather sad video that Evel Dick released yesterday, where he begrudgingly admitted that the Mentor Twist was true, mumbling something about getting emails from producers, etc.

At no time did he credit the correct source, Missyae.  Nor did Andy Denhart.

A few notes:

1.  Evel Dick's video release was not so much a confirmation of the Mentor Twist, but a commercial to plead with fans to buy a summer-long membership to his RTVZone podcasts.  He mentions Jeff Schroeder as being part of the website, knowing full well that Jeff's legion of fans will pull up the sofa cushions and empty the piggy banks to scrape the money together to see Jeff on Evel Dick's podcasts.  But is Jeff's participation solid?  How many podcasts will be issued?  I don't want to go off on a tangent about this, but you can see the video for yourself here. Membership is only $9.99 if you order now, or $14.99 afterwards, so it's not a big loss if it doesn't pan out.  Last year the RTVZone Big Brother podcasts ended abruptly after this one aired, but who knows what will happen this year. 

2.  The fact is, Evel Dick claimed the Mentor Twist rumors were a Big Fat Lie from the moment they were released.  He even planned to call the rumored mentors on camera to prove this as a part of the aforementioned video.  No calls exist, but I think that could be for many, many reasons.  And when I say "many", I mean "numerous and plenty".  Here is the link to a post from way back on June 29th that includes Evel Dick's tweets.

3.  Andy Denhart seems like a nice enough guy, but just below the article he wrote about the Mentor Twist is an article proclaiming that The Glass House is a great show, and is so compelling, yadda yadda yadda.  I guess he has to kiss ABC's butt a little to ensure he has access to the Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants.  It's business, people, and sometimes you have to do things you don't want to do for your job.

4.  Just like CBS --how could they credit Missyae after the history they have with him?  If you don't know by now (and why don't you know?) they sued his ass due to the information he disclosed about Survivor.  You can read about that here.

5.  If you don't feel you have all of the information you need about the Mentor Twist, just type that phrase into the search box on the left margin of this site and you can consider yourself informed.

Speaking of information, Missyae just keeps dropping information on us.  Here is some intriguing information he dropped on us last night---what is the deal with Rachel Reilly's involvement as a Mentor and the SuperPass Rumor Control show?

If you want to support Missyae, you can join his Big Brother Whispers Facebook group, where he is sure to keep dishing the dirt all summer long.

**Question**  Does anybody know if Evel Dick is still engaged?  I saw him on a RHAP podcast recently and when asked if he had gotten married yet, he said "Hell No!"  I've been engaged myself once (actually..twice...) and that doesn't seem like an appropriate response, does it?


  1. Actually Evel Dicks Recap shows were every Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday since the beginning on BB13 and went to the end of BB13. He had over 50 past hg's on and it usually last over an hour to 2 hours. They didn't stop after 1 episode. and Last I heard he was still engaged.

  2. The Big Brother 13 podcasts last year ended with the one I linked to above. It was not the only BB13 podcast, but it was the last of the season.

    He was hospitalized, and then reappeared to do post-finale interviews in the backyard.

    I'm not referring to any Survivor RTVZone podcasts, just the BB ones.

    Thanks for the engagment news. He used to host podcasts from a different space, inside his house last year. Something is different now.

  3. I'd much prefer Britney over Rachel. I hope the rumor about Rachel is FALSE. It is just too much. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and all that jazz.


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