Sunday, July 15, 2012

Mike Stirs Up an Ants Nest #BB14

as soon as JoJo comes outside for her morning smoke Mike starts planting the ideas in her head about the slobs in the house.

(Frank and Joe are in the Storage Room whispering Mad Game about Dan being confident that Kara's staying this week....)

Frank comes out to smoke and is upset about it too.  The Eff word is flying out of everybody's mouth as they discuss the mess-makers the night before.

JoJo and Frank tell Mike that Britney made 12 cookies the night before and 6 of them burned, so they ate the 6 good ones and left the others out.  All night.  (***gross***)

Mike:  And what's up with two fucking housewives that can't make fucking cookies with a pan and a kitchen timer?  Especially from the South?  I thought women in the South...all they do is fucking cook and clean!

(ha ha ha ha)

Mike: And Ian?  I'm going to have to slap that little motherfucker around today.  (!!!)

Now Joe comes out and doesn't need any prodding to start complaining about the "fucking slobs".  Joe is all about "fucking this" and "fucking that" and it is so funny to me to hear it.

Joe has a system with his kids where if they make a mess it comes out of their allowance.  Mike likes that and wants to implement it in the house.

Frank:  What about their fucking beer?  What about taking their beer away if they mess up and then I'll fucking sell it...

FISH on that.  Ha ha ha.  The natives are restless today..

Ian came out and caught the gist of the conversation immediately.

Ian:  Well, I think everybody out here now does a pretty good job of keeping things neat...

Mike: Oh, I wouldn't include myself in that group Ian...

Mike addresses Production and says after the POV that they should shut down the live feeds and take 15 minutes to show a montage of house guests leaving dishes here and there, leaving food out...

Joe:  I don't think fifteen minutes would be long enough.

Mike:  True...

When Joe is HOH the slobs are going to be part of his nomination consideration.

Mike:  Well yeah!  You bust your hump to cook for them and they treat the kitchen like that!

JoJo:  I'm tellin' you..they don't make women like they used to..when a man comes home he wants a nice clean house, and a good meal

Joe nods.  (That's a little much, JoJo.)

Mike apologizes to "all of the Southern women" who do cook and clean at their homes, and also have jobs--he was just a little cranked up.

(ha ha ha)

 Mike says he didn't even make messes like that when he was 12 years old.

Joe:  Oh, at my house we all got the belt!  It didn't matter who did it---we all got the belt!

They are all laughing about it, but Mike is going to call Britney out about this today.  (!)  He's pretty sure she doesn't keep her own home that way---her husband wouldn't take that shit.

[Well, there goes my day.....any plans to leave the house just vanished...ha ha ha I love Big Brother!]

Also I am aware that there are people with fetishes an interest in seeing women smoking.  Here is JoJo, holding her cig.

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