Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mike Has Learned to Cook #BB14

Mike usually doesn't cook much for himself, but he thinks he might start doing that more since he picked up a few pointers from Joe this summer.

They asked him if he eats at his restaurants and he does, but if he leaves work by six or seven PM he takes food home with him---sushi if he is at Geisha House.

Janelle asked him what happened with his old roommates---Mike used to have a "party house" before the baby came.

Mike:  Well, Sylvan moved in with his girlfriend, and the Scottish guys.....a couple of them got caught up in the "whole LA thing"..

Quick FISH, since I think that was code for becoming a drug addict.

Mike:....so they went back to Scotland.  I'm sure you're familiar with that since you lived in LA.  Then the other Scottish guy moved in with a couple of my bartenders.  We kind of transferred the party house to their house.

Janelle put on her shades and took her coffee outside. 

Mike is eating what looks like a bowl of imitation crabmeat.

Dan is cooking himself some eggs and adds some hot sauce as they cook.  It is a fresh bottle of hot sauce and he had to work to remove the plastic around the top.  I'm guessing there are at least two bottles of open hot sauce in the fridge already.

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  1. I'd be afraid to eat Boogie's cooking - you might need a penicillin shot after.


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