Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Mike Discusses Famous Food #BB14

Mike discusses the show on the patio.  Jenn said she saw it and was guarded for the moment.  It was obvious she didn't want to say anything bad about it yet...

Mike:  Well, it seemed like a natural blend between my two worlds---the restaurant world and the Reality TV world, but it fucking bombed.  It BOMBED!  We thought we could roll it out to 10 different cities, keep it goin'...

He started talking about one cast member who was a "straight up alcoholic" who was drunk the whole time and made the choice to leave and go back to his music career.

They had to stop the feeds for a second while he was talking about it.

Britney:  What happened with Heidi?  (Montag from The Hills)

Mike:   Oh, she just self-imploded!  She was on Ryan Seacrest and didn't even name the restaurant!  She was so worried about security--she wouldn't tweet about it because she was worried...and she could have won the whole thing with her fanbase...

Mike said in the beginning they said to the producers they weren't going to be interested if it included "fucking Spencer Pratt", so when Mike saw the pictures of the cast the Producers had to calm him down.  Mike had it in the contract that Spencer couldn't be on the show, or on the premises.

For the first night each contestant came to the Geisha House to meet each other.  Spencer and Heidi rented a luxery car to show up in, to give off the appearance that they still had money.  Mike basically says they are broke now because they wasted so much cash on Heidi's "music career".

Someone asked if Mike pays celebrities to come to his restaurants.

Mike:  Fuck no!  They pay their bill, too....It's when celebrities get their butt kissed and they get used to it...that's the problem.

They ask if Mike ever got paid to go anywhere.  Mike launched into a great story about how Canada loves BB and after BB7 he and Will got paid a lot of money by the Edmondton Women's Club to make an appearance.  They flew them along with two buddies and they had a limo, security, and all the perks.

Mike said they were ASTOUNDED by the size of the crowd and it was like "N'Sync in 99".  The line to get autographs was so long they couldn't see the end of it.

Mike:  When we got back to the hotel Will had a note slipped under his door that said "I'm married, but not this weekend...come to Room #2345".  Will had a girlfriend at the time, so he didn't do it, but we were thinking we should have been musicians!

Now they discuss and reenact Mike's fight with Willie and all crack up.  Mike can't wait to see that on TV.  Dan jokes about Mike trying to get his "TV time".

Afternoon conversations in the BB house don't get much better than this....a lot of good content here.  Mike can tell some stories....

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