Sunday, July 15, 2012

Mike Boogie Woke Up on The Wrong Side of the Bed.... #BB14

this morning.  Because just like that he appeared in the kitchen and went to start a pot of coffee, and you could tell he was grossed out by the nasty kitchen.  He looked at the disgusting dirty counter tops and slapped some items out of the way.  (Turned out to be ants, I think.)

I can see some smears on the counter and it looks gross.  I think Mike put Muscle Milk in his coffee, or the other way around.

As he walked to the backyard he mumbled about the damn college kids in the house.  As he walks outside he starts venting about living in an ant-infested house.

He also gave a morning shout out to "Grant, ______ (couldn't hear), and Dr. Will" and hopes they are going to have a good Sunday morning.  

He goes over to do a few basic stretches, and give us his thoughts.


*  He wants to call out a few people today, and name some names.
*  He'd like to evict about 8 people this week.
*  He knows he can't start trouble because he has campaigning to do.
*  He knows Chef Joe won't like ants in his kitchen, so he's going to put a bug in Joe's ear to stir some shit up.
*  He doesn't think JoJo's Italian grandma would like a dirty kitchen, either, so he's going to stir that up as well.
*  He mentions that some slob left out cookie dough, uncovered in the kitchen.

Mike:  Hey ants, why don't you invite some cockroaches to the party too?  That would be great!

*  He would like to see Britney get off her ass and do something.  Like clean the whole kitchen.  He notes she doesn't cook, doesn't clean, and is just "riding side saddle".
*  The problem must have started with Joe cooking, and not having to clean up afterwards.  He supports this basic premise, but thinks this is the basis for everyone else's actions.  Like Ian making a bowl of slop and not cleaning up his own dishes.
*  Today things are going to get interesting in the Big Brother house as far as Mike is concerned.  (!)
*  He doesn't need a filthy kitchen to get motivated in the game, but it helps.
*  Some of these damn "27 year olds" need to realize TODAY that their mommies and daddies aren't around.

Mike:  OK.  I need some other people to wake up so I'm not out here talking to myself.

Like clockwork, we go to FISH.  Likely the morning wake up music.

Mike Boogie's got the juice like that.  (Maybe the Production crew want to enjoy access to Mike's clubs.)  He mentioned he's going to let Julie Chen know they need to start speeding things up, maybe evict a few more this week...

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