Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mike Boogie Talks Marriage

He is sitting on the patio with Dan and Janelle, rehashing the events of the day.  He can't believe that Willie didn't allow Britney to attend the meeting this morning, and thinks that must not have gone over too well.

Janelle:  Do you think you'll ever get married?

Mike: I don't know... having the baby has been pretty fulfilling..

Janelle nods.

Mike:  So many marriages don't work out. No offense to the two of you, I hope your's works out, but for me...if the girl pops up, great.  But it's weird.  I used to meet girls just from going out at night, and I don't really go out at night anymore.  For ten years, I just went to work and it was organic...I could just say, stop by and have a drink...or ten...

They laugh.

Mike:  I might....this is something I've never done before, well maybe a few times at the park but I might try to meet some young mothers...that type of thing.

He discusses various options for meeting young mothers. 

***Does anybody know about his baby Brady?  Did he adopt him?  Where is the mom?***

About Willie, Mike says he just played way too hard, too fast.

Mike:  I thought he was better than that.  He is so worried about not having power anymore--he should have never asked for it.  And he has a good personality, he might have been okay!  I don't think he should have told anybody (about being a Hantz).  I mean, all of the coaches knew, but did you tell anybody?  I didn't...

Dan:  No...I don't know...when will we get dropped in?

Quick FISH.  (Did Dan just give something away?)

Mike:  I'm fucking praying that Ian can win HOH, just for the drama around it. 

Dan laughs.

Mike: I don't know if he can get his nerves straight. That energy on Thursday with the live show, and the rehearsals, it's palpable.  I don't know if he can keep it together.

They discuss Ian's OCD.  He is always obsessed with something, and told Boogie that it is good he is in the house with messy people so he has had to get used to it.  At home he would freak out but he has had to control it.

Dan:  I pray..I pray that Julie asks him a question.

Mike:  I know, me too.

Sweet. They know how huge this is for Ian.

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