Saturday, July 14, 2012

Mike Boogie Name Drops on the Patio

Britney brings up her idol Britney Spears and Mike says he is a friend of Jason Trawick, who is Britney's fiance.  He was just at their house to play basketball and says it is crazy with the helicopters flying around, etc.

Britney can't take it and asks follow up questions. Mike mentions that he met Jason when they had a common friend die.  Jason had been making a film....

"In London", Britney says, finishing the sentence.   Mike laughs that Britney knows so much and we experience a break in the feed while they chat.

Mike is going to hook Britney up with a meeting with Jason and Britney, and she is so happy about it.

Britney mentions appearing on Lance Bass' Sirius show Pop 10.  Mike talked to Lance recently and says he promised to do Lance's show too, but didn't realize it was a call in show.

Then they chat about the Backstreet Boys. Britney is a big boy band fan and says she can't take it if Mike knows BSB members in addition to In Sync.  He knows Kevin Richardson and disputes Britney's claim that Kevin recently re-joined the band.

Mike: They just had their big payday with the reunion, and the tour...Kevin didn't want anything to do with it because he wanted to be a serious actor...and you think he's joined the group again now?

Britney:  Yep.

Mike:  No....Donnie has to come back for ________  (some show he's on?) so I don't think so.  You need to check your information...

Britney talks about being on Pop Ten with Nick Swisher and his wife and how nice they were.  She didn't know Nick was a big deal until she saw his jersey hanging in a store somewhere.

As you can see there are a lot of people out there but the conversation is mainly between Britney and Mike.   I did hear Frank say his "Nana's" favorite show was American Idol.

Oh Mike also said he is friends with the guy that Demi Lovato hit --the backup dancer incident that sent her into rehab.

Also, Ashley mentioned a tattoo she is trying to have removed, but the pink part is hard to erase.

Boogie takes the opportunity to plug Dr. Tattoff, located on the corner of Wilshire and La Cienega.  He says Ashley is part of the BB club now and can get a discount.  He says people listening at home can go there and have a pain-free experience at Dr. Tattoff.

Production also allows him to plug the many other services that Dr. Tattoff provides.....ha ha ha. 

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