Friday, July 27, 2012

Mike Boogie is Worried #BB14

Just a few minutes ago, the entire house was quiet.  Ian is the only person sleeping in that creepy Have Not room.  I think I would be scared in there alone.  You know, with all of us watching.

Mike has his morning protein shake and sits staring at the BB Memory Wall.  yes, it's Shane.....Shane is the problem now....and maybe the opportunity.  

His wheels are turning and he is planning his next move.  He ponders deep thoughts as he carefully folds his blue bandana and ties it on his head.  He refills his shake, and goes right back to his seat, staring at the Memory Wall.

He's too busy right now to talk to us....or to Dr. Will.  (He usually greets the Evil Doctor every morning.)

Nominations are today, and I would be shocked if Frank didn't find his way to one of those red nomination chairs. 

Mike would be shocked, too.   

I'm guessing Frank and Wil?  Or Frank and Joe?

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