Thursday, July 19, 2012

Mike Boogie Addresses Us #BB14

He's a creature of habits, and I know them well by now.

He brews coffee, makes a protein shake with a coffee splash.  He can't go outside, so he does his stretches indoors.

I'm guessing a back injury at some point.  The stretches he does are those recommended by orthopedic doctors, but they are also common yoga stretches.

Mike tries to get comfortable, and finally situates himself at the dining room table.  He's ready to chat with us, but says he needs to be somewhat quiet.

He says hello to Joe Vance, and Will Brandt (?), and then a brief commercial for Dr. Will Kirby and Dr. Tatoff.

Mike:  I hope you are all enjoying the live feeds...lots of action last night. I did manage to get a little sleep.

(There were some sort of news briefs played sporadically on the TV screen in the living room all night---something for tonight's HOH competition, I'm sure.)

Mike feels that the vote tonight will be in Frank's favor, and he likes their odds for HOH tonight.

Mike, supressing a grin:  And Ian...I think this may be his day to step into the spotlight.  Memory is a strength for him....I don't think JoJo is known for her memory skills  (***snicker***)

Mike is pleased with his team's progress, it seems.

He suddenly jumped up and ran over to look down the hall.  I could hear Frank talking in the distance, but then we go immediately to FISH.

I'm guessing the HOH Lockdown is coming.   The crew has been working up there for 90 minutes so far.

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