Monday, July 9, 2012

Memo to Ragan Fox: Don't F*ck with Evel Dick #BB14

I'm not even clear on whether Ragan has addressed Evel Dick directly or not.  Apparently CBS held some sort of online poll regarding who the fans considered the best Big Brother players.  And Ragan was upset that Dr. Will beat him in the poll.

I'm not even going to react to that.  I'll let Evel Dick react and just sit back and be entertained.

Wow.  I don't follow Ragan on Twitter.  I feel like following him would make me a huge hypocrite because I have trashed him on this website.

Plus, I respect his obvious intelligence, but I don't care what he has to say.  It isn't fun, and isn't funny.

Recently Ragan posted a 10,140 character tweet about how he is not going to watch Big Brother this year, and doesn't want to hear about Big Brother this year either.  @BBAllSummerLong was kind enough to share it with me. So I will share it with you.

zzzzZZZZzzzzzz  Oh sorry, I dozed off there.

OK, one more snippet from Evel Dick's tweets.

I'm telling you Evel Dick is laugh out loud funny, and so are his funny followers.  I will gladly give him $9.99 for access to his podcasts.


  1. LOL funny? Or HUGE's okay for him but not Jeff #bbisfullofhypocrites

  2. Yes, I suppose you are right. We are all hypocrites in some way.

    My dislike for Ragan has nothing to do with him being gay. He is more than just a gay person.

    And Dustin is the one who gave Joe the gonorrhea, not Ragan. "Allegedly."

  3. Get your story straight. Dick was begging people vote for him in the CBS poll. Ragan made fun of him for doing it. Only July 5, Ragan tweeted, "Only thing sadder than looking like a zombie is begging people to vote 4 U in a poll that has ZERO impact on who actually gets in the house." Then he made a photo of Dick as a zombie begging people to people to vote for him in said poll and to give him $10 to watch that retarded Dick at Nite show. Sorry, Ragan 1, Dick 0.

  4. Thanks for the feedback, but I already stated I don't know what Ragan did to deserve Evel Dick's anger, nor do I follow him on Twitter.

    I agree that either of them caring about a CBS poll is probably stupid. I rarely visit the CBS website because it is usually a poor use of my time. And all of us have exactly the same amount of that...

    But Ragan knows he is poking a grizzly bear with a stick if he indeed took the time to post a mocking photo of Dick. Evel Dick has over 70,000 followers and even if only 10% subscribe to his RTVZone, that is nearly $70,000 that Ragan doesn't have. I hhave eard Ragan on the live feeds discuss the amount of debt he has---maybe he should try to start up a competing podcast (with fees) to earn some extra money and have a voice against Evel Dick. Because rest assured Evel Dick will be talking about him this summer.

    It is no accident that the nastiest posters here are Anonymous. But I hope you feel better after expressing yourself.

    Thanks for visiting.


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