Friday, July 27, 2012

Meet Joe Arvin, Professional Ass Kisser #BB14

So, I wondered why Joe is putting on his chef coat, and putting together a breakfast tray?  He even has the little towel folded over his arm.

Yep, you got it, he's delivering the meal to Shane.


 Joe knocked and found the room was unlocked, but dark.

Joe:  Good morning sir Shane!  This is my apology and my ass kiss for the week.

He asked Shane if he could turn on the light.  Shane said "this is ridiculous" a few times.  Joe forgot to bring the silverware, so he has to go downstairs to get it.  That may cut into his tip.

Shane turned on the Spy Cam and sipped his juice.  When Joe came back he brought the second tray to Britney.  Shane wasted no time shoveling HUGE bites of the food into his mouth.  No word from Britney in her Coach's Room.

BB is having a hard time getting everyone out of bed today.  Several warnings have been issued.

When Joe left, Shane shook his hand and thanked him, saying he would remember the favor.  (Probably not, though.)


  1. bb production told him to do it Joe said like 10 times the night before


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