Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Lies, Lies, Lies.... ##BB14

Joe is asking Janelle to confirm that she has never heard ONE THING about the coaches re-entering the game.

She denies it, and even has the BALLS to blame Mike Boogie, who is sleeping upstairs (still) and has missed this whole event.

Janelle:  You can't tell me that those girls are going to follow him (Willie) and do whatever he says?

Joe:  Yeah, they are.

Janelle noticed that Britney was upset this morning and thinks it could be Willie's attitude.

Joe:  We need to send a message...

Janelle: To Willie?  Someone just needs to win HOH and vote him out.

Now she pushes to evict Frank this week....Janelle knows he is working with Willie.

Upstairs Willie watches his Spy Cam...it's going to suck for him to live with the commoners downstairs next week.

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