Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Let's Talk About Drugs #BB14

Britney has a book recommendation called The Glass Castle and I think it might be a true story about a woman who overcame a horrible family background to become a successful author.

Mike watches Intervention and mentions an episode where the addict stole money from her daughter to buy drugs.  (Isn't that all of them?)  Britney loves to watch Intervention and details a simlar episode where someone broke into a safe repeatedly to steal cash and valuables.

Joe says that in rural areas a big source of income is taking pills from "Grandma and Grandpa" and then selling them to addicts.  Joe thinks a Vicodin will go for about $20 for one pill.

Wil tells a story about a Dateline show (or one of those news magazines) where they featured a community in West Virginia where babies had Mountain Dew in their bottles instead of milk.  Mike Boogie saw that show, too.

Britney used to sell a "pain medication" and she could tell if the Pain Clinic where she called on the doctors was open because there would be a line outside dozens of people long and there are a lot of people waiting in cars for the drug handoff.  She said the doctors would see hundreds of patients each day for pill scripts.  She said her medication was reformulated so that if you tried to crush it up, the gel coating would cause the active ingredients to be inactive.

Mike:  So that makes it less attractive?

Britney: Yes, they like to crush it up for a quick high.

Britney explained that the industry is evolving to electronic scripts so that you can't just go from doctor to doctor to get more pills.  Joe thinks ObamaCare is going to make this worse for some reason.

Britney said that when they reformulated the product she reps, she went online to a website called BlueLight.com where drug users share tips about finding and abusing drugs.  She was amazed at the technical details, and all of the equipment they use.

Mike likes the end of Intervention where you can see people that clean up and make a success of it.  He mentions the old episode of the competitive bicycle guy who was in bad shape.  (I remember that.)  Mike used to watch every episode years ago but it got too sad for him.

Britney talks about the anorexic who would only only eat cabbage and was wracked with guilt one day for eating one peach.

Wil would like to get some anti-anxiety medication but they gave him a hard time about it, and ended up perscribing something that gave him the shakes.

Britney mentions a medical examiner show where the doctor said that no matter what happens to her car on the highway, she will ALWAYS go to the next exit before stopping the car.  She saw so many people who were hit by other cars when they got out to check their tire, etc.

Now they talk about Casey Anthony and how guilty she was. Mike thinks that attorney is getting a ton of business for getting a murderer the not guilty verdict.  Wil mentions that she cut her hair, colored it, and now does YouTube videos.

Mike and Wil thought Amanda Knox was not guilty, but Mike argued with his business partner about it all of the time.  Mike watched at least 4 shows about that case.  He hopes Amanda is well compensated for books and movies to make it up to her.

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