Friday, July 20, 2012

Let's Review Willie's Pre Season Strategy #BB14

Before Willie came in the house, he participated in the usual media interviews and promotions.

I can remember feeling kind of hyped up about Willie--he seemed to have a level head and was thinking about a good basic strategy to get as far as he could.

I just reviewed my recap of Willie's Superpass interview and found the following Pre Season promises that have gone wrong...

1.  Willie promised to "start shit" in the house this summer, but then to stay out of it so that no one would know he was involved.

***FAIL*** (no explanation needed)

2.  Willie vowed not to drink, and to allow others to get tipsy from his share of liquor instead.

***FAIL***  (not sure if this has impacted his game yet, but he has been drinking his share)

3.  Willie vowed not to get into a showmance, since that would make him a target.

***SEMI FAIL***  (Willie has been sleeping with JoJo and they have discussed waiting to make out until Day #30.  However, the other HG probably believe they have already become intimate with each other.  Perception becomes reality sometimes.)

To his credit, Willie did expect to lose his temper this summer, and yell at a few people.

I think the worst thing that happened to Willie is having the HOH power, and having it for so long---nearly two weeks.

A famous person once said that you can tell a lot about a person by observing how they act when they are in power.  Or something along those lines.

Willie did not wield power gracefully.  He started out that way, but his ego took over and he seemed to think that the power would last forever.  He didn't even WIN HOH, he was appointed by Britney, but he seemed to take for granted that his mighty skills would ensure a team victory each week.

If he can keep his mouth shut and let a few other people step up to the forefront and make a few mistakes themselves, he might have a chance to survive this week.

You can read my summary of the Willie Hantz Pre Season interview here.

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