Monday, July 16, 2012

Let's Give Wil Some Love #BB14

as he lounges dramatically in the Stereo Room.  I actually have no idea what they call it, but it is supposed to look like a giant stereo with headphones.  (They've been calling one room Skid Row, but I'm not sure which one.)  Wil is talking to Kara and gets yelled at for not having his microphone on.

They discuss the weird dreams they had last night.

Kara dreamed that BB made everyone tell what their big secret was.  Shane confessed that he is gay and Wil laughs in delight.  Kara elaborates that Shane then started dressing completely differently and wore make up in the BB house!

Wil dreamed that when he went home from BB he looked for media coverage, but all he could find about himself is a small article in "some dingy newspaper".

So funny that they both had kind of revealing dreams---Kara is hiding a Big Secret (Playmate of the Year) and Wil is a Publicity Whore!

Kara leaves so Wil can take a nap.  One last look at that bedroom before I leave, too.  (Spicy from Real Network said the beds in that room are like plywood---very uncomfortable.)

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