Saturday, July 21, 2012

Let's Check in With Evel Dick #BB14

Evel Dick was online last night for the entire Wilie Hantz situation.  Say what you like about Evel Dick, but he is a true Super Fan and likes to mix it up with the fans. 

Here are some highlights from his Twitter Time Line in the past 12 hours or so.



A question about Dani Donato:


And get this:  Dr. Will Kirby, bitches!

Yours truly, the FeedWatcher even chatted with Evel Dick when the situation was just breaking.  I asked Dick what happens when security rushes in and he says they HAVE NO SECURITY!  What???

I'm going to ask Janelle about that when she is out of the house.  Because I heard her assure someone just last week that there was security of some sort.  She was telling them that "two huge guys from her season...." and then the feeds cut.  I was watching that night on the live feeds and remember the whole thing quite clearly.

Doesn't the lot have security?  The BB house is really a soundstage, so I picture golf carts with security teams with walkie talkies, etc. But I have a vivid imagination so maybe not..

And Dick retweeted me with this one.  When Evel Dick retweets to to his 70,000+ fans, it is good for business.  Let's just put it that way.

One more thing.  Willie Hantz has been in touch with his family, if you believe the following tweets from Brandon Hantz. I can feel the Waves of Crazy from here.

If that last part doesn't make you get out your wallet and subscribe to Dick at Nite, nothing will.

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