Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Leaked Pictures of the Lazy Burglar #BB14

You may have heard that just before the live feeds took a 90 minute break last night, a man dressed as a burglar or jailbird was spotted in the storage room.

Dreamer from Jokers Updates was quick enough to catch 4 pictures of the dude, who is wearing a mask.  He doesn't look very busy to me---he is acting like a Big Brother tourist in these pictures, rather than some diabolical prankster.

I'm guessing this visit was related to an upcoming competition.  If the dude wasn't wearing a mask, I would have just thought he was from Production.  We all know that CBS has been having problems with the sound on the feeds, as well as some of the camera work.  I think the outdoor lockdown allowed them to come in and address those issues.

As well as allowing this poor lady to do some maid service for the BB14 slobs.  Maybe some pest control for the ant problem.

As you know, they are broadcasting live from the BB house tomorrow night (Thursday) so they need to get things straight with the technical details by then.

The pictures Dreamer posted are below.  You can see her original post here.

Also, last night I said the lady in the storage room had a beer gut.  I apologize to her.  Obviously I was getting her mixed up with the Jailbird dude.

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