Friday, July 13, 2012

Kara and Wil Chat #BB14

as they linger in the storage room.  Wil told Kara that Willie asked him if he wanted Kara to go this week.  This worries Kara (of course) but Wil tries to comfort her.  The two of them are good friends but they feel like they can't hang around because of appearances in the game.

Wil's voice is always so stagey, but I think he must talk like that all of the time.  I can't imagine him ever being boring.  And look at Kara---she really is going out of her way to look like crap, huh?

Wil does a little dance around the storage room.  I've heard previous house guests say that all of that produce ends up spoiling.  Ragan said by the time they get it, it's already half-gone. Wil did grab some of the broccoli's to take to the kitchen.

They went in the kitchen and Kara made herself a sandwich.  Wil tried the ice dispenser---they think someone came in to fix it because now the ice is just pouring out.

Wil squeals while the ice pours out:  It's like winning the slot machine!

Well, it's no wonder Kara is so skinny.  It took her forever to put  that sandwich together.  She is happy that there is now more Diet Coke in the storage room.

Wil:  Yes!  Now we can drink these chemicals and get cancer in style!

(ha ha ha)

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