Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Jun Is an Indignant Mommy #BB14

OK, first of all let me say I have the highest respect for the game Jun Song played on Big Brother.  For those of you that aren't longtime Big Brother fans, Jun Song was the winner of Big Brother 4.

Jun was an intelligent, witty New Yorker who played the game just right.  She hung around in the kitchen cracking jokes for the first half of the game, and then was a straight up gangster for the second half.  It didn't hurt that she went to the finale with the most hated BB4 player, either.  (Alison Irwin)  Basically when the Jury voted they all said, I don't want to vote for you, Jun, but I really, really, really don't want to vote for Alison.

BB4 was the first year that a Big Twist was introduced.  Four of the players (is that right?) were surprised to find that ex-boyfriends or girlfriends were in the house--and those relationships had not ended on good terms.  Jun was smacked in the face with the sudden appearance of her ex-boyfriend Jee.  I remember she was wearing a cute little white accordian-pleated mini skirt and you just saw her deflate when Jee arrived on the scene.

Well, Jun soon pulled it together and ended up making Jee her Little Bitch in the house.  But no one knew because Jee was part of an alliance with a few other ex-boyfriends.  I forget the little alliance name they made (Three Amigos, maybe?) but I do remember watching them on the live feeds talking about how they couldn't wait to get home and blaze up some huge doobies.  Ha ha.  I love it when the house guests talk about their drug use and forget that their EMPLOYERS and FAMILIES and DEA agents may be watching.  I think Jee said everything but where he kept his stash in his apartment.

One of my favorite memories from BB4 is when Jun won HOH on a live show, and was immediately called to the Diary Room.  She was then whisked away to New York City on a private plane where she attended the MTV Music Awards!  (or the Movie Awards--whatever)  When she returned to the house she was telling the story to the bewildered house guests and they were jealous that she got to stay overnight in hotel room by herself.

Anyway, once again I was a big Jun fan and am so happy that she fell in love and moved to Belgium, had a baby last year named Noah, yadda yadda yadda.   But when she gets on Twitter, she gets so crazy you can hardly take it.

Jokers Updates has a page where they stream tweets from Big Brother houseguests.  They actually had to install a filter where you can opt out of seeing Jun's (and a few others) tweets.  She tweets A LOT.

I don't follow Jun on Twitter.  As Amber (BB8) would say, "I just can't."  But Evel Dick has been retweeting Jun -- apparently she is incensed that Janelle would leave her baby to go on Big Brother this summer.

Did you know that Jun had a baby?

So CBS is supposed to be making co-parenting decisons on behalf of former house guests?

Apparently Mike Boogie has a new baby too, named Brady (?).  I don't know if Mike is married or not, or if he is in a relationship with the mother.  

I don't know if you know this, but Jun is a mother!

Some people don't know it, but Jun has a new baby!

Yes, Janelle is no angel.  When she was in the BB6 house, her mugshot came out on the internet.

So she stole a few things from Macy's.  Big deal.  And, maybe she drove around with a good buzz on.  You can read about her checkered past here.

None of that hurt her Big Brother popularity.  I'm just sayin'.

I'm not afraid to call a spade a spade, Jun:  Here goes:

Jun and Dick are both former winners of Big Brother who weren't asked back to be mentors.  And that's that.

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  1. Maybe because Jun is Living in Belgium since quite a long time now. She can't be in BB now because she's living in other continent, and she doesn't want to.


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