Friday, July 20, 2012

Julie Chen is Frank's Homegirl #BB14

Frank is wearing his new T-shirt that he made himself, a little yellow number that says "Julie Chen is my Homegirl".

Production took it away from him when he came in the house but returned it to him in his HOH basket last night.  I'm guessing The Chenbot had to approve it.

Mike is going to run tonight, if he can get in the backyard.  There might be a lockdown if there is a POV competition tomorrow.  I think they just finished off the last of Frank's HOH sushi.  Frank is joyfully announcing the goodies in his HOH freezer.

Frank: Got some ice cream in here!  Oh yeah!  And some DiGiourno stuffed crust! Oh yeah!

Frank has to give Mike a tutorial on how to use the Spy Cam remote control.  It's not working so great and it's starting to irritate Frank.


Mike reassures Frank that they should still celebrate, because this was a Gift From God.  Not too many players, if any, have been HOH and knocked out two players in one week.

Mike:  You've just got to slowly, and methodically, start thinking further down the road.  Who do you wnat to go to the Final Six with?  Instead of kicking them when they're down, why don't you start nurturing those relationships, like with Shane. Shane is all alone right now, and if he wins HOH you want him to nominate the other players.

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