Thursday, July 19, 2012

JoJo Really Wants to Win HOH Tonight #BB14

and is babbling nonstop to Willie about the messages they received during the night.  She says the competition will be True or False, and that they will use a chalkboard for the tie breaker.

JoJo:  I told Danielle...when Julie says she needs your answer, don't get flustered.  You have a few seconds.

She tries to whisper and recite the messages and asks for confirmation from Willie.  He isn't sure what was said.

I don't think JoJo should study with Willie---he must have had other things on his mind last night.  And who knows if he heard the broadcast in the HOH suite.

He's not playing, anyway.  JoJo is full of energy and really wants this.

Oh snap.

Willie:  I just want to have that room again so I can sleep with you.


Willie:  All of these people are fucking bitches!  Kissing up to people's ass...

They discuss how Janelle's team doesn't have a mind of their own, and how fake Janelle is.  JoJo feels everyone acts like sheep and they just kiss her ass.  Willie tells her she will be on the block soon and she says she knows....

Willie: That's why I had that meetin' but nobody listened.

He has the Air of a Loser already.  Never let them see you sweat Willie.  Don't just roll over and let them see you weak.  Act like a Hantz, baby!  (Russell, not Brandon.)

Meanwhile, Mike Boogie is getting the salon treatment and his scalp burns a little, but he can handle it.

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