Friday, July 20, 2012

JoJo Loves to Talk #BB14

But I don't think she would enjoy being talked about like this.  Ashley and Janelle are sitting at the table in the HOH suite, enjoying some of Franks snacks.  Wil and Jenn are lounging on the HOH couch.  Mike Boogie and Ted are reclined on the HOH bed.  Frank is somewhere else, it seems.

Wil likes to talk The Trash, and starts cracking on JoJo in his hilarious fashion.  He mentioned JoJo discussing her sister this morning, and saying she sure threw her under the bus.  (I covered that conversation here.)

Wil:  She can't wait for us to meet her sister...who is her make up girl...what, is she going to be a celebrity now?  And have her sister wait on her?

Wil loathes JoJo and loves to talk about her.  Mike Boogie has made no secret of his distaste for JoJo, but is a little more contained in his crticisms of her.  Jenn points out that there is value in being a quiet team member, in laying back and staying under the radar like she has been doing.

Jenn:  It pays off, but that chick can't do it...

Wil:  Drugs and and drugs...that's where JoJo always takes it!

Janelle:  Yeah, that's what happened at our last Ladies Night!

Jenn, agreeing:  It all went to trash, downhill, once she started all that.  She started talking about taking it in the butt...she loves to take it in the butt!

The guys groan...

Mike:  We should get her up on the block and give her about 6 beers and let her go.

Jenn:  Yeah, let her just go...

Within a minute, the cameras turn to TRIVIA.  I think the Coach's Competition is happening now.  Or very soon..

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