Sunday, July 15, 2012

Everyone Gets Ready, But for What? #BB14

Jenn came out and performed a song in her head, playing drums on the counter and hitting some cymbals, moving her mouth silently.

Joe made himself a breakfast sandwich that crunches deliciously when he chomps on it.  Hope there's no ants in there..

They discuss the schedule for the week --sounds like the POV ceremony is coming up as the girls are all getting ready.    They think after today there is nothing to do until Thursday. 

Joe:  Well, I am positive we're going to have a Coach's Trade.

Danielle, SHOCKED:  What?

Joe repeats it and Danielle tries not to faint.  She's been on slop all week (and protein shakes) so I'm sure this news isn't good news.  They might be having the Food Comp today---not sure what is happening, but something is coming up.

Janelle came down and went somewhere to start getting ready.  Kara went outside and Willie told her she looks beautiful again today.

Lots of beautifying in the bathroom.

Danielle checks in with Dan in the Have Not room.  I hope she knows that trading for her is not a prize ---if Dan wins the right to trade her ass is leaving his team pronto.  

(I think Danielle looks a lot like Dan's wife.  I can't imagine she is loving this whole situation.  I would want to know why my husband didn't staff up with the male house guests?  Why the Playboy Playmate and the Southern Belle?)

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