Thursday, July 19, 2012

Jenn Calls Kara Monaco Her "Homegirl" #BB14

as she and Danielle unwind after their day.

Danielle is down and apologizes for unloading, but Jenn is someone she feels she can vent with.

Jenn stops in her tracks and says yes, they had a bad day and lost their homegirl.  She perches on the edge of Danielle's bed and recounts her dealings with Willie.

Jenn says his body language tells all and she tells the story of Willie calling her "bottom of the barrell".

This week will be interesting for Jenn.  Boogie told her two weeks ago to act like she wasn't in the BB house, like she wasn't there.  He wanted her to fade into the woodwork, and she did.

This morning Mike told the live feeders that "Miss Jenn City" was the sleeper surprise pick of the season.  Mike said no one is more under the radar than Jenn except Ted the Bear.  He was quite pleased with his situation and is more so now, I presume.

OMG the farting issue keeps coming up, that Frank farted on Jenn in bed last night.  Apparently Willie heard about that and embellished the story to say that Frank shit in the bed on Jenn, trying to start trouble.

(I can't even believe I am forced to type those last two sentences.  What has civilization come to?)

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