Thursday, July 26, 2012

Janelle: No Vegas for My Hubby! #BB14

Janelle is in the bathroom primping for tonight's show.  Mike Boogie and Shane are reclined behind her asking her questions.

Mike:  Where did your husband go for the bachelor party...Vegas?

Janelle said No in a way that made Mike keep pushing.

Shane:  I think we touched a nerve here Mike.

Janelle:  I don't think Vegas is for men who have girlfriends...who are getting married.

Shane:  What if they just want to see friends and have fun?

Janelle:  Then they should break up then....

Britney walked in and said something like "Janelle says I've worked in those clubs and I know..."

And we go to Trivia.  Britney has not even started getting ready for tonight. She still had on her pajamas and appeared to have bed head.

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