Monday, July 23, 2012

Jeff Gets Another CBS Hookup #BB14

If you are a Jeff Schroeder fan, then you know that Jeff has a new gig interviewing the evicted house guests this season.  There were some other media outlets that were slated to interview the evictees, but as far as I know they were all abruptly notified last week that the in-person interviews were cancelled.  However the option was still there for emailed questions.  I know, BFD on that, huh?

And then Jeff gets the job.

As a Big Brother fan, I am pretty sure this indicates that the evicted house guests (except for Jodi Rollins) will have the opportunity to re-enter the game. 

I just watched the entire interview and have the following comments:

*  Jeff is totally flirting with Kara.  But who wouldn't, I guess. 
*  Jeff probably watched the first episode of Big Brother, but not too much beyond that.  If he is going to interview each evicted house guest (every Friday live on!) then he needs to not only watch every episode, but also the live feeds as well.  Or BBAD. Something so that it appears like he knows what is going on.
*  I think CBS should also get him some speech coaching, so he can learn to make the "th" sound, instead of "da house".
*  The camera loves Jeff and he lights up the screen with his personality.  It is no wonder he is so beloved by so many fans.  I'm just saying that in order to progress professionally, he needs some practice and he needs to do his homework.
 *  I wish Jeff had asked her what she was thinking when she got that horrible tattoo on her shoulder, or if anyone in the house talked to her about being in Playboy.
 *  Kara hates hates hates Joe Arvin, even though he cooked for the house.
*   Kara doesn't think any other girls in the house could be Playmates, but she does mention that Janelle posed for Playboy.
*   Kara snickered when asked if she had a crush on Shane.  (ha ha ha) The answer was NO.
*   Jeff was not asked to be a Coach, but he would have liked to be.

You can watch the entire interview here.  It is about 25 minutes long.

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