Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Janelle: Sorry Nana! #BB14

Janelle is in the HOH with Ashley, Danielle and Britney.  Frank told Wil that tonight there is going to be a blowup between him and Joe.

He is going to call Joe out on his lies.  (Basically, if Frank is going to try to make a big play, tonight is the night, because they need to go to bed early Wednesday night to get ready for Thursday's live show.)

Janelle is going to call Frank out for telling Ashley that Wil needs to go, then turning right around and telling Wil that Ashley needs to go.

Janelle:  Frank is the biggest snake in this house!  He needs to go!  Sorry Nana!

Janelle's husband calls her lamb.  She has known him for 12 years.  Their first date was in October and he borrowed money from his mother to take her to Perkins.  She had a chicken quesadilla.

Danielle has to have Perkins explained to her.  They decide it is like Cracker Barrel.

Britney plans to take a nap.  They want to hang out in the HOH tonight so that they avoid all of the drama.

Britney:  If there is any calling out tonight I don't want to be part of it.

She watches the Spy Cam after the girls leave and says "what is Ashley thinking?" and "why is Ashley willing to do Janelle's dirty work?"

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