Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Janelle: Is This F*ckin' Kindergarten? #BB14

Right on cue, I turn off the CBS show and on the live feeds I see Mike Boogie and Janelle enjoying a quiet moment mocking the behavior of the newbies in the house.

Janelle:  I would fucking love it if Wil won (HOH on Thursday)...

Mike agrees.  They discuss Willie's behavior with the newbies--offering one week deals to Kara and Danielle.  They laugh at how stupid that is for the newbies.

Janelle:  His power is over!  Who cares what he says!  I can't believe they play that way.

They discuss Ian and Mike says that he is doing much better.  I know I heard Janelle say she hated him just last weekend, but he has done a turnaround with his behavior. 

Janelle leaves, and Mike sits quietly with Ted for a minute or so, cracking his knuckles and laughing to
himself.  He is chanting quietly "vote kara out, vote kara out"..

That Ted sidles, doesn't he?  You don't even know he is sitting there until it's too late.

Wil walks by and Mike asks him to stop and chat.  Wil sat down and Mike started putting down the Chilltown moves on him, and yadda yadda yadda Wil is indicating that he agrees that Kara needs to go.

It's late and I am semi-impaired but trust me Wil gave every reason to believe he would vote for Frank to stay, and that he understood that this is a game and he may need to vote out his friends.

After Wil left Boogie was chanting to himself, clearly visualizing that not only would Frank be saved on Thursday night, but he would be awarded the HOH key.  He tenderly puts Ted back into his chair.

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