Friday, July 27, 2012

Janelle is Finally Up #BB14

and she prepares for the competition by enjoying coffee and a neck rub from Wil Heuser.  Wil really, really needs Janelle to win the competition today.

Did I say really?  Because I mean really, really really.

I think Shane's CD is from Flo Rida.  (I'm trying not to laugh as I type that.)  Frank just went upstairs to listen to it.

Mike points out that there was something wrong with the CD player the entire time that Willie was HOH, but he couldn't be bothered to see what was wrong with it.  It was the Emenim CD and they all can't believe that he had it 13 days and didn't listen to it.

Mike:  I guess he was just too busy cutting big deals in there...

Jenn:  And that's an amazing CD, too.

They discussed that song Love the Way You Lie and Jenn knows the songwriter who co-wrote it.  She said she was around for a long time and it was finally her "time to shine".  Shane accused her of wanting to hook up with the songwriter.  Jenn said yes, she was "bangin'",but she admires her talent too.

Watching 8 Mile makes Britney sad now because Britney Murphey is dead now.  The guys on the feed button must be on break, because we were allowed to hear the following:

Britney said that after B. Murphy died, her sketchy husband died in the house too.  So B. Murphy's Mom think that the deaths were caused by black mold in the house.

**awkward silence***

Mike:  Well, I'd put my money on white pills, rather than black mold.

Everyone laughs.  Frank places his bet on white pills, too.  Britney starts asking Mike stupid questions about why young actors take drugs, so I switched my camera to the Arcade Room, where Wil and Janelle have gone to have a chat.

They need to adjust the lighting in that room.  You know Alison, so we can SEE.

Janelle hopes today is a mental competition, and doesn't want to lose Wil.

She suspects that Shane has joined Mike Boogie and Frank, and tells Wil that if the coaches come into the game it is going to be so hard to get out Shane, Mike, Frank, and Joe.  After a moment she added Ian to that list.

(But that would make for a competitive finish, wouldn't it)

Wil:  We can't just let Britney fly under the radar...

Janelle:  Oh hell no!  Fuck her....I'm having a really hard time being nice to her.  I've never met anyone so negative...and bitchy...she bitches all the time!

Wil:  And the Know-It-All routine gets really old..

Janelle:  I can see why she didn't have any friends on her season.

(Oooo ouch!)

Wil:  And, excuse me, but telling a woman who just had a baby how to give birth?


When we return Janelle is telling Wil about how she and her husband take Violet with them when they go places.  When Janelle left for the show, the last thing she did was rock Violet to sleep.  It was sad.

Wil doesn't know if he could do it, but Janelle said it was hard but she wanted to be on the show---she liked the twist.  She said on All Stars, she was like Shane----she had to win every competition in order to stay.  She didn't want to go through that again, so this twist allows her to be involved in another way.  (We all hope...)

Janelle:  Because I'm a stay at home mom, I see her all day every day, so that is more than mothers who work, too.

Janelle's mom is an RN, but she owns two businesses---an antiques shop in a mall, and a coffee shop.  She also sells Mary Kay.

Wil's dad is retired from surgery, but his family started a gym for children to address the childhood obesity problem ten years ago.  Then they expanded the program for adults---it is a 12 week program and it is now used by ______ (a large number) of corporations and hospitals in Louisville.  The goal is to get adults off diabetes medicine and this happens after 6 weeks, on average.

The profits from the adult program fund the children's program.  Wil describes it as group phyiscal training, and the people in the classes range from the CEOs to mailmen from the community.

Wil's brother Chip works there.  Wil does the payroll for the business from New York.  All trainers need to have college degrees in relevant topics.

Wil:  No gimmicks.  No pills---there's a lot of heart and soul in it.

Janelle says "Hi" to Peggy, Wil's mom.  Then they give a shout out to the entire family, including Wil's brother Chip.

They get the warning to get ready for the competition.  Janelle wants to stretch.

Is she really going to compete with no make up on?  AGP needs to address that, STAT.

I hear Danielle murmur about how her toast is ready and we go to FISH.

Damn Danielle.  I had breakfast hours ago, and since then I watched Danielle eat a bowl of Froot Loops, a big glass of Sprite, and one cookie.  And that's just what I watched her eat.

And now she wants toast?  I guess there isn't a carbohydrate that Danielle doesn't eat, apparently.  She's a nurse---if you do the math on that, it just doesn't work.

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