Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Janelle is Called to the Diary Room #BB14

and she's no dummy.  She stops by the bathroom mirror to apply lip liner, lipstick, and finally lip gloss with one of those foam wands.  A little blush too, for good measure.

Janelle:  Coming BB......

Big Brother doesn't have to call for Janelle twice.  They know she'll be in there when she's good and ready.

You know Janelle sells Mary Kay, don't you?  She has a territory (or however they work it) in Minnesota and I have heard Dan Gheesling give Janelle a shout out with a website address.  I don't know if this is the right way to find her, but that is her business now.  It has been six years since played on BB7 with Mike Boogie, if you can believe that.

She's finished now, and camera ready.  Janelle sashays down to the DR hallway, waiting for the buzz on the doorknob to her know that Big Brother is ready for her.

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