Monday, July 16, 2012

Janelle Goes to "Work Out" #BB14

Janelle left the HOH a few minutes ago to work out.  Earlier, she said that there was about an hour of shade left in the backyard for her to stand in.  But then she talked to Britney, and then headed downstairs.

She sees Ashley, and stops to talk about working out.  That counts, right?

So easy to get distracted in the BB house, right? Janelle peeped out of the window and noted there was about 30 minutes left of shade for her "work out".  Ashley is part of her team, so I guess this is a productive activity for her, even if she's not trimming and toning.  Janelle has said that Ashley reminds of her friend Marcy in Miami, so she likes her.

Willie comes over to process that fresh pineapple, but he has to use a plastic knife.   That's a tall order, if you've ever cut up a fresh pineapple.  You need a good blade for that.

Ashley would love some pineapple, but she is still on slop and hope it ends soon so she can eat.  Janelle FINALLY goes outside to work out but comes back within 90 seconds, saying there is no shade yet and it is too hot for her to exercise.  She then says she only got to work out for "like, 10 minutes". (What???)

So, she wants to get some sun.  No, she wants to read her Pink Bible, but can't find it.  Should she go get sun instead, Ashley?

She ends up eating Triscuits.  Of course.  Oh, Janie!

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