Thursday, July 12, 2012

Is Someone Getting Evicted Tonight? #BB14

Oh no they didn't!  Big Brother Access got out their detective hats today and analyzed the clues CBS threw out there today.  CBS posted some pictures of tonight's show earlier today, and this is one of them.  Note that tonight's show is not a live show---it was taped over the past week as the house guests moved in, had their first HOH and food competitions, etc.

Big Brother Access noted that this studio set up is the one used for evictions---this is July standing in front of the "Eviction Couch".  Here is how summarized their findings.
I think that photo caption sums it up, right?  I think this would definitely add to the excitement, and I'm not sure that the 12 house guests we have met are the only house guests who will be playing the game this year.  I'm hoping CBS has some tricks up their sleeve that we don't know about...

I also want to say that Julie Chen looks especially beautiful, and is rocking that orange jumpsuit with flair.  Has La Chen had some work done recently?  Hmmm.

Here is the link to the Big Brother Access post where they disclose their evidence...

Here are a few more pictures--this is from the first HOH competition and I think it explains where Ian got his teddy bear.  I think Big Brother does a great job with the competition props. 

And here are three house guests I think are guaranteed to stir up some drama this summer, Jenn, JoJo and Willie Hantz. 
The speculation is that Kalia Jodi Rollins is the one getting the boot tonight.  Hmmm.  It would suck to be a fan like Jodi and get evicted so early, but I think this might be a good thing for the live feed viewers.  Just a guess.  I don't want to start rumors, but check out Danielle and Frank enjoying an intimate laugh over there at the breakfast bar.

And here are four newbies entering the house for the first.  Check out Wil's long locks flowing in the air.  Frank's curly locks seem to be catching a breeze as well. 

And here is some mingling in the kitchen.  Look at Joe staring at he thinking, "where do I know you from?"

How thrilled is Frank to be there?  He is a Super Fan and this has got to be an experience he will never forget.  I have to say, I'm Team Frank, yo. (A Jessie Pinkman reference, if you don't know, yo.)

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