Friday, July 20, 2012

Indoor Lockdown and Morning Chatter #BB14

One of the morning wake up songs was by New Edition.  It wasn't 'Cool It Now' since Mike Boogie just sang the entire chorus of that song while discussing the history of the group with Frank.

They are locked down indoors---I'm guessing the Coach's Competition is being set up outside.

Frank moves around the kitchen, putting cookies away and looking at himself up close in the mirror.  JoJo discusses her twin sister and can't wait for everybody to meet her.  She is JoJo's make up girl, and she was born 2 minutes before JoJo.

Jenn is still in bed.  Britney seems in okay spirits--she slept in Kara's old bed in Skid Row and wore a big sweatshirt since that room is so cold.

JoJo's mom took an old fur coat and had it made into two small fur coats for JoJo and her twin when they were 10 years old.  She said their names were "engraved" in them twice, but we all know she means "embroidered".

Yes, there are Triscuits on the counter, in case you were wondering.

JoJo tells a twin story about she and her sister having  "Poop Party" when they were two and throwing crap everywhere.  Charming.  But JoJo is mending fences this morning, that's for sure.

Mike Boogie and Britney get in on the baby talk, discussing "explosions" that occur when changing diapers.  You know, the typical breakfast table chatter.

Britney was a sassy child who was always in trouble.  She was only allowed to wear lipstick with her cheerleader uniform.

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