Friday, July 13, 2012

Ian Terry Has Freckles #BB14

and is active in the morning chatter as they review how much sleep they got, etc.

Joe is in the kitchen, too, and talks about his usual routine, which is not unlike the BB house.  When he's cooking, he works late, comes home and "slams a few beers" and goes to bed.  Boogie points out that in the BB house you have to fight for those two beers.

Then Ashley appears and works hard to get down those spiral stairs.   She hurt her back and took some muscle relaxers last night.  She ended up passing out and spent the night in the HOH room.  She is worried she will be in trouble since she is a Have Not and was not allowed to sleep up there.

Wil comes to her rescue and assures her that Big Brother said it was okay.  She is very stiff and moving slow.  (If you've ever had a back injury, you would recognize those movements immediately.)  She apologizes to the kitchen group and thanks everyone who helped her last night.  She doesn't plan to take any more pills, and says she feels much better.

Wil escorts her to the Diary Room and they joke about it being a date.  They are both on Team Janelle, you know.
I love Wil already.  There is something about him that is soothing and familiar.  I would probably get clingy with him in that house, like a piece of home.  He has a soothing morning voice but is still amusing.

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