Saturday, July 14, 2012

I Know, I Know, Where is Janelle? #BB14

I know I didn't feature Janelle in the pictures yesterday--she just wasn't doing anything while I was watching!  Sorry about that!

Janie likes to sleep in and stay up late, so we are on different schedules.  If you have Showtime, you can see her nearly non-stop on Big Brother After Dark.

Here are a few pictures I took of her yesterday, and never used.  I think she was having a team meeting in the Arcade Room  (I think that is what they are calling it now.)

I know what (some of) you are thinking about picture #2 there, but she is wearing a bikini. I saw it when she stood up.  No cheap nudity for our Janie.  If she strips down she's getting paid for it.

She looks so big next to tiny Britney.  Lots of big stars and big egos on BB14.  I love it.

And I started writing a story about Jenn Arroyo a few days ago and will probably never finish.  I wanted to feature a Kittie video with Jenn in it, but after watching a few Kittie videos I couldn't find Jenn.  Did she have a red bob when she was in that band?  I'm not sure and didn't want to link to the wrong video.

But I liked some of the music.  The lead singer starts with the demonic growling and it is crazy to hear a woman do that.  Like the guy from Gwar...  I'm not crazy about that, but some of the songs were catchy.

Anyway, there are two stills from an intervew Jenn did with Concrete (?). It is a four part interview that is easy to find on YouTube.  I watched most of Jenn's--the girls answer questions about their first rock concert and it is interesting.  Jenn's mom held head phones on her stomach when she was pregnant. 

The girl sitting with Jenn went to a concert with her dad and her dad pointed out the smell of pot and told her to remember it.  A proud moment for any parent, I'm sure.

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