Saturday, July 14, 2012

Shane Gets Up and Huddles with Boogie #BB14

If Shane is indeed his real name.  I didn't even recognize Shane at first in his morning garb.  And without the puka shells.  (He broke those out last night, ladies...)

He's over on the right in the dark, getting fresh batteries in the storage room.  They have to do that everyday, if you're new to the live feeds.  Look at all of that food in there!  
Now he moves slowly through the house.  Shane is in pain.  Not Spain, but pain.

He goes to the WC and is out of there fast.  I don't know if I would call this a hand wash or not.  More like a quick rinse and wipe.  And a hair check, of course.

Now he goes outside and tells Mike Boogie about his issues.  He says he hurt his back working out yesterday.

Shane, shamefully:  I was doing leg squats with a 5 pound weight..

Mike sympathizes and listens.  Say what you want about Mike Boogie  (and I have, I admit..) but he has some good people skills.  And some good habits in the house.  And that adds up..

Oh snap!

Shane, in a pained voice:  Look, I don't know if at some point the coaches can trade players...

Mike:  Oh, I hope so!  I'm counting on it..I don't know how long we can talk about this now, and probably not throughout the day without causing a big scene, but yeah I'm keeping you in mind.

[I will recap the 7-14-12 BBAD later, but there are already HG complaining about their mentors, and making deals with each other to do what is best for them in the game and rebelling against the mentors. Potential trades would be a great twist to keep things fresh for the twist.  Brilliantly, I must add.]

Sounds like Shane will vote to keep Frank.  They realize Frank is a going to be a powerhouse in the game and keeping him will keep a big target.  Shane enjoys looking at Kara, but it's okay if she goes.

Mike:  Fuck yeah!  I like Kara...but....

Mike explains that people like Kara who survive the first nomination end up burrowing in and staying for the duration.  That's dangerous.  He points out that Kara probably talked non-stop about her admiration for Jordan in the "knitting convention"  (i.e. sequester) and that is who she is in the game---a Jordan type.

They agree that Frank is a straight shooter and Frank appears on the patio.

They agree that with Shane and Frank combined, they can roll through the physical challenges.

Mike:  This is just one of those seasons where no one is in good shape.  And Ian...even if there was a BB trivia contest, he might be too nervous to win it!  Ian is the reason why NBA teams require another year of high school before playing!

Ashley appears and breaks up the PowWow.   Ashley talks back pain with Shane, and pills, etc.  Frank hasn't used Icy Hot since high school, but Ashley loves it.  Shane jokes that she rubs it all over her body and Ashley says, "yeahhhh".

[She isn't using the baby voice very much in the house, but is calm and easy going.  The guys like that, particularly Willie.....but more on that later..]

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