Friday, July 13, 2012

Hurry Up and Wait #BB14

Willie is holding court with Britney and Janelle in the HOH.  Joe and Wil are there too discussing their options. Ashley went to the DR and is seeing a doctor.  Britney goes over what happened when Evel Dick left last year--she tells Janelle not to worry.  It's not like Ashley's gone or anything.

Janelle mentions when Boogie had to go get stitches in All Stars.  She says they put a bag over your head and put you in a car and take you out of there.  They discuss a female that isn't fitting in--it is Danielle, I think.  Joe says she doesn't speak to him and Willie agrees. 

They discuss the options that may come up in the competition and how to handle it.  Janelle mentions a "switcheroo" or some option to change players.  Britney leaves to get more coffee and Wil gushes about how tiny and cute she is once she leaves.

Meanwhile there is a conversation in the living room about various topics.  Music, etc. Boogie asks for an 'Unplugged' CD and thinks MTV should bring back that awesome series.

Lots of FISH today--probably getting a lot of direction from Production as they prepare for the POV
When you watch the live feeds on the quad cam, you can hear all of the conversations, so it gets kind of confusing.  In the early part of the season, I use the quad cam often since there is so much going on, and so many people.  But then later I use the single cams more often.

Boogie is discussing medical insurance recommendations.  I think he recommended an HMO and discusses visiting a doctor who had a picture of himself in the reception area with Katie Couric.  He appeared on The Today Show so Boogie is impressed with that.

Then the HG ask Boogie about Chicken George.  Boogie says he was a roofer at first, and used to drive down to Mexico to buy some sort of pills.  Then he describes how George worked for the company who used to fly the banners and he "slept on the floor in the airport....."

And then we get the FISH. I think they should have nipped the feeds in the bud when the bogus pill purchase topic came up, but whatever.

George never complained, per Boogie, even though everybody else had a moment when they just "couldn't fucking handle it".

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