Friday, July 13, 2012

A House Full of Party Poopers? #BB14

They've been in bed for some time now, apparently.  What happened to the Good Old Days of the Late Night Crew? 

I think the POV is today, so maybe Big Brother gave them an early curfew last night.  I watched the first hour of Big Brother After Dark and will highlight some details later.

Kara was "freaking out" over being nominated and had a possible anxiety attack.  I might do the same if Frank doesn't win the POV today.  I'm not happy that he was nominated, and I know he's not, either.  Mike Boogie did his best to schmooze up Willie Hantz in the HOH last night.  Willie is going for the stronger mentor's teams. 

I hope this doesn't start a whole chain of Hantz's on Big Brother now.

Joe got up and used the bathroom, in case you need to know that.

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  1. hantz is so sure that he can trust frank. im rooting for frank but if I was hantz obviously id rather get frank over kara out. was watchin feeds and he wasn't even listening to Janey and brittney. he's a joke.


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