Friday, July 13, 2012

HOH Powwow. #BB14

and Willie is all over it today.  He and Britney are having a conversation about what to do.  He has thought of every angle and vote this week and is dead set on getting Kara out this week.

Who is the Mentor here?  (I think Britney is cute as a button, but is over her head with Willie.  It's like a young high school teacher having a 23 year-old freak in the back row of class.)  She's having a hard time controlling him.

Britney wants to get rid of Frank, because he is a bigger threat and is worried about alienating Dan by evicting Kara.

Things get testy and Britney says she can just agree with Willie if he doesn't want to listen to her.  (He doesn't, it seems.)   Willie is all upset that Janelle came downstairs and Wil was the only one she hugged.  (So?)

Britney thinks the plan to keep Frank is risky and they count the votes.  Willie thinks he will break the tie to evict Kara.

Willie calls Britney "baby" in the conversation and refers to JoJo as "JoHo".

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