Tuesday, July 24, 2012

HOH Picture Time #BB14

And they start with a composed shot of the guys in the pool throwing balls in the air.  Frank stops and "checks the gate" and they all like the shot.

Dan is going bald.  Sorry Dan.

Ashley has been causing a lot of drama in the house, for no apparent reason since she and her team are safe this week.  I will post last night's BBAD update soon, but today the fallout from her behavior has continued.  She confronted Jenn (gently) on the patio about what Jenn told people last night and Jenn did a good job defending herself.  But Jenn asked her twice to go in the Arcade Room to speak privately and Ashley said no.

This pissed Jenn off and she complained about it to Wil later.  Wil is very annoyed with Ashley's behavior.  She keeps telling people that she feels alienated by her team.  Jenn says she thinks Janelle has bent over backwards to spend time with her and Wil agrees.  Wil points out that Ashley was hanging out in the Have Not room with Shane and JoJo and they chew on that for awhile.

The HOH picture crew is jumping around to get action photos and tried at least three times to get the shot of Frank and Mike up in the air.  Janelle says it is like a real photo shoot, having to do shots over and over and over.

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