Thursday, July 26, 2012

Live HOH Aftermath #BB14

and Dan starts coaching Danielle as helps her unpack her bags.  He tells her to tell Shane she'll vote however he wants her to vote.  He compliments her on the way she hit the ball--it was exactly the way they planned---to hit it straight.

Do you think that dress ever fit Danielle?  That was the biggest tragedy tonight.  She was dressed like Mike Boogie's prom date.  And that's not good, people.

She just said she was "gonna kill Boogie".  He already put his things in all of the drawers in the room.


  1. Wait,is Dan smelling her clothes?!

  2. Thats just what I was thinking

  3. Ha ha. It turns out he was also unpacking his own suitcase---he had to pack up too in case Danielle was evicted.

    I'm guessing that is one of his wife's shirts.


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