Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Hey Alison, We May Be Dumb, But We're Not Stupid! #BB14

Well, well, well.

Our new bestie Missyae @TheGameSurvivor has unloaded a big load of gossip today and I am just going to have to rearrange my schedule today to cover all of the action.


For the last two weeks, we have had the following sources for juicy rumored spoilers regarding the upcoming Big Brother 14 season:

1.  Missyae @TheGameSurvivor

2.  TheCornerOffice14

Today, Missye drops the following BOMB on us:

TheCornerOffice14 is rumored to be none other than Alison Grodner herself!  Or possibly one of her lackeys, typing away at her instruction.

I don't want to be a prissy "I Told You So"-type person, but I FUCKING TOLD YOU SO!

I know Missyae is tempering his info by calling it a rumor, rather than a spoiler, but I certainly think this is the case.

Just feast your hungry eyes on this post that I wrote way, way back on June 27th.  That is at least three years in Big Brother Pre Season time.

PS #1  Alison, I know you will read this, so I just want you to know this is all in good fun and we are all jacked up about the new season.  You know I have been watching from the beginning, but I've never seen the level of excitement we have this year.  A few info leaks don't hurt the fans, and I hope it doesn't hurt your game.

PS #2  Obviously we don't give a SHIT about The Glass House!  ha ha ha

PS #3  To all the readers, I'm just getting started today....stay tuned.

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