Thursday, July 12, 2012

Happy Hour on SuperPass - Premier Night #BB14

This is a Super Sized Happy Hour show in honor of the Big Brother 14 premier tonight.  The show started out with just Missy and Spicy and I can tell they are drinking real drinks.  

The show started and they basically started going through all of the house guests and making comments.  They are not holding back when they don't like someone.  Missy makes the statement that she is going to judge the house guests by their game and their conduct in the house.  She doesn't want them to watch this later and get mad about it.

They have varied opinions about the house guests and there is some good-natured ribbing.  They talked for about an hour and then took a short break.  When they returned Laremy is there wearing a sombrero, and Chelsia Hart (BB9) is there as well.  Laremy was the SuperPass guy who interviewed the house guests this year, and is apparently going to take more of an on-camera role this year.  He also has some distinct opinions and is not shy about sharing them, so that is refreshing.

Chelsia talks about that tote bag---in order to raise money for a good charity she is going to have each of the house guests evicted sign it, and then she will auction it off at the end of the season.  I think there is another bag just like it that Jeff and Jordan are going to sign, or something like that.  It is a cute pink bag so be on the look out for it if you are interested.

Chelsia is very slim, calm and beautiful and it is amazing how she has grown up over the years.  I think she is angling for a management role at RealNetworks or something like that.

Spicy is getting lit and her voice is louder, she is giving loud shout outs and doing the Vickie Gunvalson "Whoo  Hoo" quite a bit.  It is fun.  I would do some drinking myself but this is going to be a long night and I have to pace myself.

My goal is to somehow stay awake until the feeds go live at 1:00 am EST tomorrow morning.  I'm not gonna lie, that is going to be tough.  It's great to see the CBS show on East Coast time, but the stretch of time we have to wait until the feeds go live is excruciating every year. 

I am so excited about this season.  If you are new to my website, I write live feed updates and plan to cover this season in detail.  I also subscribed to Evel Dick's webcast so I will recap those here as well.  You can follow me on Twitter (button on the left somewhere) ---each update that I make here is linked to my Tweets.

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